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Accelerating transformation one coaching relationship at a time

Welcome to Coaching For Impact

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Who We Are

Coaching for Impact is a leadership coach training organization for relationally focused leaders looking for sustainable change that produces results. We integrate training and coaching to optimize your learning experience for your investment. Most organizations make significant investments in training that does not yield sustainable change. We have developed a model that integrates coaching into the learning equation to create continuous learning. We uniquely integrate several methods of training such as one-on-one, peer, tele-classes, seminars, and learning communities to provide the most effective learning experience. Our coaching is optimized through by our customized training and coaching to bring the perspective, alignment, and execution of your personal and organizational goals.

Benefits of Coaching

  • Improvements to individual performance and productivity
  • Developmental and learning acceleration
  • Team synergy for solutions to specific work issues
  • Ability to match talent and focus potential more fully
  • Move from success to significance in work and life
  • Develop a congruent and balanced lifestyle(wheel of life)
  • Engage your creativity to develop new solutions
  • Creative organizational culture shift
  • Break through strategies to get to the next level
  • Leader's personal, family, and vocational transformation
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