Coaching for Impact

Impacting Leaders, Leaving a Legacy

About Us

Impacting leaders – Creating a Lasting Legacy
We provide training, coaching and materials for leaders to develop leadership mastery and expertise in the domains of their influence to create sustainable results that leads to leaving a lasting legacy.
Coaching for Impact’s core values provide a means not only to guide us, but also evaluation our operations, planning an vision for the future.
We endeavor do conduct our business and relationship to the highest ethical standards personally as well as organizationally, even if it is at our own expense.
Every facet of our training and services integrates our skills and abilities to create state of the art solutions that enable our clients to reach new levels of transformation and mastery.
Development of Potential:
Every person is valuable, respected and provided the right environment and relationships can develop to fulfill their potential. We learn through our negative and positive experiences and leverage our past in the present to create our future.
We value the uniqueness of every individual and believe that every person, given the opportunity, can engage in their intuitive thinking to express creative solutions to change your world.
We are dedicated facilitating experiential learning that to goes one step beyond self learning to transformation. Quick fixes are easy to come by. Sustainable transformation will create lasting results, which will benefit the whole over the long term.
Cultivating relationships where trust and respect are present are a key to your success. In the context of authentic and transparent relationships, maximized learning and transformation can take place which will improve your bottom line.
Leaving a Legacy:
We value helping leaders improve their skill mastery and effectiveness which is key to producing results. We also empower leaders to think beyond themselves in selfless ways to which can have a powerful downstream effect which can leave a lasting legacy in people and organizations.