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Mind Scan Assessment

The MindScan is a Values Profile which uses Science of Axiology to measure how people think and make decisions. If you are interested in taking the assessment, please contact us.

The Hartman Profile (Robert S. Hartman Institute) is unlike other assessments in several ways. First of all, it is not a self-report instrument. Self-Report Assessments (like the Myers Briggs) do what they say, and do it well. They measure how a person says they will behave or what competence they say they have. 360° Feedback does what it says, and does it well. It measures one person’s perception of another person.

The Hartman Profile does not ask the respondents to describe themselves. Thus it is not as vulnerable to bias as the Myers-Briggs and other personal inventories are. It is not possible to bias one's answers in the Hartman Profile the way it is with these other instruments.

Rather than asking you to tell me how well you play the piano (self-report), I will gain a more accurate assessment of your style if I ask you to actually play. This way I can see for myself how well you play. The Hartman Profile is like this. It asks the respondents not to tell how they think; it asks them to actually think, to make minute decisions by rank-ordering several items. Thus it tracks the actual pattern of their thinking.

Secondly, the profile places its emphasis upon thinking, not behaving. It recognizes that behavior can spring from different decision bases in different people. Procrastination in one person, for example, results because that person approaches the world through a mental model and thus they must think things through thoroughly before they act.

Another person, however, might seem to procrastinate simply because they have no mental model operating. Rather, they see so many possibilities for the meaning of what they see that they stall trying to assess the value of each of them. It is obvious that a "Time Management" tip that addresses the first person's problem will only aggravate the other's!

How the Hartman Profile Generates Such Accurate Information About People

The Hartman Profile allows us to determine this root thinking style that lies at the base of a person's decision-making. In this way the Hartman Profile is an invaluable tool for assisting in personal and group development.

Whether it is measuring one's ability to plan, to pay attention to concrete detail, to use intuitive thinking, or to read other people, the Hartman Report pinpoints capacities a person actually possesses and suggests ways to leverage strengths in order to optimize their impact. The Hartman Profile is like a "fingerprint of your thinking process." It has you do a rank-ordering task, then tracks the pattern in the decisions you make.

It is objective, quantitative, universally applicable, and virtually impossible to bias. More than 99 studies have been conducted testing validity. Most of these studies are available from the Hartman Institute at the University of Tennessee.