Coaching for Impact

Impacting Leaders, Leaving a Legacy


1. What is coaching?
Whatever your challenge and opportunity is, working with a coach is like having personal trainer for the area you want to grow in: a confidante, friend, and supporter who pushes you to grow faster and be your best. A coach who believes in you makes a great partner and makes all the difference in the world in achieving your goals and reaching your potential to make a positive difference in your world.
2. What does a coach do?
The coach provides a listening ear and insightful questions to help you focus your ideas into goals and action steps. Through the coaching relationship you will grow in self awareness and begin to learn and act new ways that facilitate transformation. The coach will help you achieve those goals by providing support, encouragement, and healthy accountability which will help you translate growth goals into success. When needed, they will provide the perspective and feedback you need to experience growth and transformation.
3. How often will we meet?
You will meet with your personal coach two to three times a month. You will choose your change agenda, the action steps you want to take and work at your own rate. Typically, coaching relationships last a minimum of 3 months. The greater the change, the longer the relationship.
4. What will a coaching session be like?
Each session begins with an update and status on your goals and action steps. Then you will discuss next steps, generate options, troubleshoot obstacles, and develop a set of action steps you want to take before the next appointment. You are always in charge of what you want to work on!
5. Will we do any assessments?
If need be, we will those assessments and tools that will help you gain a base line and perspective to construct self-awareness about where you really are. Each client is different, so assessments are used where they are needed. At the end of the coaching contract, an assessment may be taken to identify those areas of improvement.
6. How do I start a coaching relationship?
When you start out with a coach, you should sign a written agreement spelling out what you will receive and what the expectations of the relationship are. Usually the coach will take you through an "intake" process where you get to know each other, do some assessments and set goals for the relationship.