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The Influence Factor

Most people think that if they only achieved their goal and got a particular position that they would be happy.  A common career question many professional’s get asked is ” what do you want to do when you grow up”? Creating results is always a part of our success equation, but I would venture to say that the following question is much more important,  “What do you want to become”?  What we become will stick with us unlike a position which can be temporary. Many of us want a position and think it will be the answer.  But in reality, we are likely looking for greater influence and don’t know it.


Influence comes from intrinsic characteristics like having good character, having the ability to build trust in relationships, and knowing how to add value to relationships and projects at a rate that is works.  You can have a great position with several hundred direct reports and still have no followers.  Without the intentionality of becoming a relationship influencer, when you look behind yourself you may not find many true followers.   True leaders are ultimately people who influence your thinking, actions, and model behavior that you want to replicate.  In a board room, you could be more influential than the CEO of a company.


Influence has nothing to do with age, gender, or position.  A good example of this is one my children who is 18 years old. At the end of a conversation, I often can’t believe how I have been influenced in my thinking and actions. At the end of the conversation, I often say, “how did that happen?”.  I don’t feel manipulated at all, but brought to a place where I have a new perspective and want to act.   I have met with executives and CEO’s who don’t have this influence prowess.  It is an art and skill that is built upon intangiable factors people don’t often value.  We help people build those intangible factors.


We help people become better influencers – change catalysts in their spheres of relationships and expertise.   We identify your influence quotient and look at the variables that impact your ability to influence and ultimately lead others.  There are many factors that contribute to your leadership style, but a foundational denominator is your ability to move people in their thinking from point A to point B to create the desired outcomes.


When building global solutions to solve difficult problems in our world, the influence factor is critical.  Position cannot guarantee you your desired outcomes without influence.  Any new product, business deal, new technology, or systems solution requires people to get the job done. If you do not have people in your corner, you will likely not succeed even if you have the best business plan, funding, or disruptive technology.


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