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Living in Significance

Have you done everything you thought that would make you happy and wonder why you still didn’t feel satisfied?  How could you be so unhappy and lonely with all that you have?  Perhaps you went to college, got a job and now you are at a quarter century and wondering – is this what it is all about?  Or maybe you have a great career, started the family and now are wondering if this it?  Could there be more?    We can be very successful and miss our target of living a life of significance?


As a leader, living in significance will transform you leadership style and cause you to be more effective. It drives you to understand your core values to lead from and empowers you to be more authentic and transparent.  There is not enough time and energy in a day as a leader to try to be something that you are not.


Living a life significance is about understanding your value and living your life in an intentional way by consistently adding value from your sweet spot (your voice).  The key is connecting the dots in your value stream.  It involves understanding the value you bring and connecting it in such a way that others see that value it. When you are living true to the value within and you understand it. Living in significance is a paradigm shift that will enable you to live in a place of fulfillment and satisfaction.


Sounds simple, but it can be a challenge.  That is why being intentional is so important. It takes know how to do this consistently to get to place where you live in significance.  The larger the project and broader the solution you are endeavoring to accomplish requires all the more greater grounding. When you are standing in a group of high powered people, you will be redirected and turned off course if you cannot stick to your core values and internal work scope  of design.


If you have already think you have done this and it didn’t work, then it may require you re-evaluate what you value.  Perhaps you need a re-alignment?


We have a proven 7 step process to evaluate your value stream.  After you go through the process you will connected to your value and to those you are in relationship with, your work, business and employees in a more meaningful way.


Here is the brief outline of our process.


7 Key Value Questions to unlock your Value

      What is your value source?

      What is the value within?

      What do you value?

      What do you aspire to?

      What does your organization value?

      How can you add value?

      How can you create value in others


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