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Do you have a dream within, untapped raw potential and latent power, a special gift or expertise, or a desire and passion to be more  and do more? Do you want to change the world in meaningful and intentional way?  Are you unable to articulate your future and the value that you can bring into your world?  I am here to help you identify your dreams and link it to your unique identity, that will propel you forward.  We call it tapping into your value stream.  We can build a platform where you can contribution, success and significance will increase your true wealth.  We are especially interested in helping world changers  tap into your genius.


So after reading this first few sentences you may think we are a life coaching business. We are much bigger than this.  We are about building leaders who want to create global solutions to complex problems that change the world landscape with their ideas and ideals. We help entrepreneurs, executives, emerging leaders, business owners, parents, and professionals who wants to bring about cultural transformation in their world.  We also include parents into this mix because you could be raising the next great leader of the world.


We help people find their unique identity and connect it to your value contribution – it is the place of convergence where everything comes together.  We will help you find the threads and passion we weave it together whether it is for you career, business, organization, or start up.   Are you unable to wrap your arms around what you really want to become and do?  Have you allowed your circumstances or success define you?


We will help you connect the dots between your dreams, desires, and unique identity and brand to leverage a new and desirable future, whether it is a better job, more clients, a larger business, or simply greater satisfaction and significance in knowing you have fully engaged your genius and honored your all the talents in your life!


A Little More About Me

I am an engineer and leadership coach which translates into being a systems architect that facilitates creating system solutions that work for you business and career.  I help people live beyond their limitiatio,  by helping the live in significance and become more influential.  If you need new tracks to run on to reset and refresh, and even restore, I can help you create them!



My next design project?  It’s you!  Learn more about how we can work together.


 My Story

I grew up not really knowing who I really was and there was no feedback. I made decisions based out of fear, lacking an internal reference and went along with the peer culture and environment, rather than being true to who I really was. Needless to say I found myself making decisions that I was not happy with in the end.  I wished someone was there to help me understand my raw potential and how to develop it!


So I dedicated my life to helping others understand their dreams, uniqueness, value, and creating strategies to catapult them forward.  On my journey I have come to understand the importance of data mining the threads hidden in our dreams, helping people find their voice and platform.  After I made those connections, I realized that there was more to success than having a good job, making a lot of money, and having a family.  That is why we developed  strategies to empower you to learn how to live a life of significance and influence. An beyond this, we are passionate about developing leaders who want to have a global impact to create cultural, economic, and spiritual transformation.    My love for learning and solving complex problems combined with my intuitive, solution building skills, has made me an expert in helping people make the connections to advance.


I have quite a bit of experience in a Fortune 50 aerospace company over the last 30+ years.  I have worked in positions in engineering, overhaul and maintenance, continuous improvement, project management, warranty, manufacturing, and finance and product development. In the last 5 years I’ve managed over $400M in product development. I have created hundreds of presentations and communication packages every year. I have also taught Managerial Communications at Central Connecticut State University as an adjunct professor. I have a Master’s degree in Leadership Coaching from Regent University and more importantly, a ton of experience that can help you navigate your next steps.  In addition, I have carry in my tool chest a bunch of continuous improvement tools that I have learned to apply to problem solving which provides a serious strategic advantage.


A little more about my strengths:


My Clifton StrengthsFinder  – Top 5 Strengths  Strategic, Maximizer, Achiever, Futurist, Relator


These strengths do describe me quite accurately.  I intuitively have strategic foresight, love to make strong into things superb, creating results to achieve goals, and seeking to strengthen and build relationships.


My Personality Profile – ENTJ

Myer-Briggs: ENTJ – (Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging) –

Representing roughly 2 percent of the general population, ENTJs are nicknamed “The Field Marshals” or “The Executives.” They are honest, candid, forceful, and easily take on leadership roles. They enjoy long-term strategizing, preparation, and goal setting and are typically knowledgeable and very well informed. ENTJs are also well-read and enjoy expanding their expertise and knowledge in order to pass that on to others.  The quickly see illogical and inefficiencies in systems, develops and implements comprehensive systems to solve organizational problems. Enjoy long-term planning and goal setting. Usually well informed, well read, enjoy expanding their knowledge and passing it on to others.


Some of the feedback I have received from people includes:  I am a co-creator, designer, craftsman, content generator, strategist, empathetic, kind, brilliant, entrepreneur, genius, intuitive and with foresight, one who connects the dots, very passionate and full of energy, a great instructor and facilitator, driven, one who can gets results, encouraging, and pragmatic.

When I am not doing the work that I love, I take care of a few real estate properties, interested in financial investing, gardening, interpreting dreams, and cultivating community and spiritual formation.